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Integrity and Business Ethics

In Q Pro we believe that the success of our company is in gaining and maintaining our client’s and employees’ trust. This can achieved through demonstration of ethics and integrity in our practice.

 A few areas where we work hard to ensure that both ethics and integrity are observed all the time are:

-- Accounting practices: by keeping all of our stake holders informed and making our financial records available to our clients review.

-- Integrity in Management to maintain best possible customer service and excellent relation with our employees.


As part of our complete construction solution for our clients, Q Pro provides design services as well.  Our in-house engineers provide design solutions for all engineering aspects such as structural, electrical, firefighting and HVAC.


We implements a three phase quality control plan on all of its construction projects to ensure that work is being carried out as per project’s specifications and general construction standards. Those three phases are:

-- Initial phase: this phase includes the preparation of the projects submittals and obtaining approval on all design drawings and material that will be used in the project.

-- Preparatory phase: this phase takes place prior to any identifiable construction activity on site. During this phase all approved design drawings and material that will be used to perform the activity in question will be reviewed with the crew that will be executing the work on site. Assurance will be made that work performed will be in accordance with approved design and submittals and that work will be executed in a safe manner.

-- Follow up phase: this phase takes place during the execution of the construction activity and extends after its completion.

 During this phase work will be inspected for conformity with approved designs and submittals and immediate rectifying actions will be taken for non-complying work.

This phase also covers the testing of work after completion. Q-Pro hires a third party testing agency to carry out testing on and off site.

Ecological Responsibility

Q Pro supports Green Building construction and use of resources efficiently as part of our responsibility towards the environment and community.


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